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    Sky is the limit

    The Art of Self-Directed Learning

  • Manifesto

    Would you love to pick up a new skill?
    Have you ever tried teaching yourself something and then either gave up completely or paid a lot of money to go to classes where results still aren't guaranteed?
    I feel you.
    Here are the key principles of self-directed learning.

  • About

    On a mission to help you rediscover learning and gain the confidence in creating your dream life!

    Brainfoodinator Accelerated Self-Directed Learning

    Charlotte Zhao

    Chief Growth Officer

    A director at codebar.io, self-taught software engineer, coach, speaker, and globetrotter, with a keen passion advocating for self-directed learning and emotional wellbeing. Busy creating a safe place for adult learners to find inspirations and become empowered to teach themselves new skills. We'll challenge traditional schooling and inspire more people to become modern-day Renaissance women and men!
    I am on a 1-year experiment: 365 days of applying my learning methods to acquire different skills of my interest. I’ll document the journey and openly share the successes and failures, also musings on the funny thing called life. Please follow me and see how I structure these self-directed learnings. Let's grow together!

  • Accelerated Learning Challenges

    Too little time to learn something new?
    These are learning challenges I've tried.
    See what's possible?

    The sky is the limit!

    Brainfoodinator Accelerated Self-Directed Learning Cartoon Challenge

    Last day: draw caricature of friends live on camera

    Progress will be shared through daily blog posts & podcasts. Come join me on the challenge! You'll know how to draw cartoons by the end of 7 days too :)

    Brainfoodinator Accelerated Self-Directed Learning Cartoon Challenge

    Challenge #2: Learn to Sketchnote in 7 Days (April 2-4 + April 15-19, 2018)

    Last day: live sketchnote a Ted Talk

    Challenge had to be broken down into 2 parts, because I have something else came up that would require my full attention, and then I want to take a couple of day off before diving back into the challenge :)

  • Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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  • Podcast

    The podcast is unscripted.
    A daily audio journal documenting the raw human experience during learning - the insecurities, frustrations, and progress.
    Podcast episodes currently available on Anchor and iTunes. Other platforms will be updated shortly.

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    What's your self-directed learning story? Share with us and inspire others!

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