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Self-Directed Learning Manifesto

· Philosophy

Manifesto for a Movement

We believe self-directed learning is the most fun, effective, and affordable way to learn anything.

We want to help you take control of your own learning and growth.
Not paying a fortune to go to classes where teachers you love are few and far between, and the results aren’t guaranteed.

A mindset shift is urgently needed.
Let’s start our own self-directed learning challenges, unleash our true potential, and
become modern-day Renaissance women and men.

Below are the six key principles I follow to achieve accelerated learning:

Rapid big picture trumps slow bitesize
If you’ve learnt your mother-tongue, you are capable of accelerated learning

Self-direction trumps classroom
Proactively seek mentors rather than passively relying on teachers

Whole-brain trumps left-brain
There is art in science and science in art

Ownership trumps instruction
Let yourself be the ultimate guide and pace your own learning

Feedback trumps perfection
We learn best from mistakes and perfection does not exist

Focus trumps digression
One focused learning topic at a time

Let’s start the movement together.
We have a magnificent opportunity to show people what we could accomplish in our lifetime, and change what life-long learning means to others.

Here’s to our journey of continuous learning and growth. 🚀