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Why should you care? What's the movement?

Life is short, make it count!

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Why should you care?
Would you love to pick up a new skill? Have you ever tried teaching yourself something and then either gave up completely or paid a lot of money to go to classes where results still aren't guaranteed?
I feel you.

The ability to acquire new skills rapidly has become a life skill for everyone in this fast-changing age. The mother of all skills is knowing how to learn. Not rote memorisation, but knowing how to solve problems and internalise the learning.

Whether it’s a new skill for that career change you’ve always dreamt of or a hobby, wouldn’t you want to become proficient at it quickly? So you can enjoy the joy the new skill brings rather than feeling stuck as a beginner with growing frustration.

What's the movement?

We believe self-directed learning is the most fun, effective, and affordable way to learn anything.

We want to help you take control of your own learning and growth.
Not paying a fortune to go to classes where teachers you love are few and far between, and the results aren’t guaranteed.

A mindset shift is urgently needed.
Let’s start our own self-directed learning challenges, unleash our true potential, and become modern-day Renaissance Women and Men.

For more details, please read the full manifesto.

Why me? And why now?

I first discovered accelerated learning when I was 12. I have since then perfected the strategies and used it to acquire many new skills. Most recently, I used the strategies to teach myself coding and landed a job that computer science PhD students were competing for. It happened all within 2 months while working full-time. I didn't do it alone either, it was achieved through the help of many mentors. I didn’t share the stories with many people fearing of being misunderstood. To no longer feel alone, I realised it’s important to find other like-minded self-directed learners to build our own tribe.

People close to me have always asked: so how did you do it? Good news is it’s about learning strategies, and everyone is capable of replicating the results. It’s called "accelerated learning" because it is a lot faster than what traditional schooling has led us to believe. To achieve complete mastery (top 0.0001%), it will take more practice, but still less than 10,000 hours (contrary to Malcolm Gladwell’s ten-thousand-hour rule in his book Outliers). To become better than 99% of the population in something, you can do it rapidly with the right strategy.

I will start by documenting my own learning challenges, and publish my daily journals as blog posts and podcast episodes. You are welcome to join me on the journey together, follow my posts and newsletter, perhaps even take on the learning challenges yourself, and share your successes with the community!

Here at Brainfoodinator, let's cheer each other on! Share tips and tactics to creatively acquire new skills in a short amount of time!

Below is SMBC's comic strip "You Only Live 11 Times".

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