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Why cartooning as the first learning challenge?

Besides it's a lot of fun!

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This is very vulnerable to admit, but I have not really drawn since I was 14. Even though if you were to ask me what my hobby was, I would have said drawing.

I used to feel embarrassed about not practising my hobby, but many young professionals could relate to the experience.

The origin of my story goes back to when I was 7. My mom asked me what I wanted to do as extra-curriculum activity, and I enthusiastically responded drawing! On the first day of class, I realised my parents betrayed me, as they signed me up for Go, the board game that took computers nearly 30 years longer to beat than chess, instead.

How many of you could relate to being betrayed by parents when you were a child? Even though our parents probably thought they were doing what's best for us.
So to correct the past wrong done by my parents, I am going to learn drawing now.

Why specifically cartoon?
My aim is to quickly tell stories through sketches, and cartoon allows me to do just that. I also value humour over realism. For this blog, my intention is to use cartoon as journaling tool. Posts would have minimum written words. All humans are visual learners. It will be more fun and much more memorable for both me and the readers.

Would you like to join me and try the 7 day challenge together? :)

p.s. Dates for cartooning challenge are March 10th - March 17th, 2018