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Final Test - Live Sketchnote

Last Day of Sketchnote Challenge

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The sketchnote challenge has come to an end. While there are a lot of room for improvement, I feel comfortable taking notes in sketchnote format now, knowing the work will only get better with practice.

At this stage, when doing live sketchnote, my first instinct is still words. Only when there is some downtime, I'd add in icons. When I do it without the live pressure, I draw a lot more icons. This is fine, my visual vocabulary will gradually get stronger to the extent it will start to replace words. Once I stop feeling the need to write down words, I'll have more time for icons too. This is perhaps the hardest transition. But even with this challenge, you can still make sketchnotes that are impactful and visually pleasant.

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The first sketchnote is a practice round, based on 'Peter Rabbit' the CGI movie. I tried to do it quickly, so skipped some small details like painting the portraits white so they won't be affected by the background's yellow etc.

The second one is based on a TED talk. I did this live, but only added in colour after the talk was over. I was able to fit in some icons, not many. Intentionally left it this way to show the level I'm at to do LIVE sketchnote, by the end of the challenge.

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