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Sketchnote Challenge Restart!

Day 4 of sketchnote challenge

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It took some work to ease back into the challenge. Once I started it got fun again. I wasn't 100 focused today though. I'm still thinking about how I'd like to film some footage while it's sunny next week, and did some research by analysing movies. Perhaps I'm going about it the wrong way, and I should get back to the script again and take it from there...

I've also been re-evaluating the caricatures. Perhaps before stressing over how to simplify, I ought to just go back and study some masters' work that I like, and apply their techniques to that day's caricature. I'm also working on developing my own buddha character to use in future sketchnotes and daily quotes.

Sketchnote-wise, I did some revision and thought about consistent sketchnote grammar and color-coding I'd like to use. Also played around with a few more icons.

Tomorrow, I will continue building the visual library and sketchnote 2 Ted talks as practice.


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Below is todsay's #caricaturequote, which can be found on my instagram. Steve Jobs busting the myth around creativity for us.
Exposure + Synthesis = Creativity :)

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