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Pausing Sketchnote Challenge, Resume on April 15th

So I can focus on video making & take a break :)

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Audience of my podcast would know that I intend to submit for a video competition by April 10th, and I realised it will be in itself an all-consuming task since it will be the first video I'm making. In order to focus on that and also to do the sketchnote learning challenge justice, I've decided to pause the challenge and do the remaining from April 15 to 19th.

I took today off due to sickness, yet I wasn't able to completely let go. This made me want to re-evaluate my public commitment. I'll be kinder with myself and build in proper time off going forward. Nas Daily has been an inspiration for me, and I very much value consistency as well. But is it necessary to commit to something daily without breaks? Especially on the days you are sick? I'm going to take a gentler approach, and allocate in weekends off from now on. Even during learning challenges, weekends are off.
Instagram's daily #caricaturequote series are great, but I won't be working on them during weekends off. The solution would be to start creating them in batches. During the week, I might still do it daily. But on days off and weekends, I can use pre-created work.