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Natural Vision Improvement

Our eyesight naturally fluctuates

With growing obsession over physical fitness, people realising their physique is pretty much within their own control. Perhaps it's time for us to pay more specific attention to our eyes, which is arguably one of the most important perceptive organs.

There is an epidemic of shortsightedness in Asia - over 90% of students at schools wear glasses. I first became shortsighted when I was around 7 or 8, and have been wearing glasses for over two decades. My most recent prescription is about -7 for both eyes, and that was taken August last year. I am writing this post wearing pinhole glasses, which would have been crazy to imagine even just yesterday. I actually went about all day hardly wearing glasses, completely surrendered to the blur. And the truth is, we don't always have to see super clearly anyway. I will share the materials I use should my eyesight experience significant improvement, which I am very optimistic about. Just five minutes ago, I discovered Dr. Meir Schneider who was born blind, but then learnt to see using Bathes Method. Today, Meir currently holds an unrestricted California driver’s license without glasses. I feel very inspired and will keep up with the exercises to regain my sight!

The whole vision experiment is both physical and emotional. I'm very much in love with the key philosophy behind natural vision improvement: "I relax and do my best.". There are no weak eyes, only tired eyes. As we actual see better when relaxed, which the myopic tendency of squinting actually does the opposite. I am learning to not only apply the philosophy to seeing, but to everything else in life as well. Today is a good example - all the intensive research threw me off track from other things I intended to do. But it's okay. Learning to see is a lot more important.