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How I Designed the Cartoon Challenge

Cartoon Challenge Summary

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Still trying to find a balance in doing different holistic wellbeing exercises centred around vision improvement and using computer. Since I can't avoid writing the cartoon challenge summary forever, decided to started by breaking down the summary into parts. That way, I get to minimise the amount of computer usage this week, and get to pretend I'm on a meditation retreat that's focused around vision healing.  Also, the summary serves as a review for myself as well.

Part 1: Faces. As you can see, I broke down cartoon faces into different critical components. But I ensured to start with getting a sense of drawing whole faces before doing this. That way, I have a wholesome impression both in terms of proportion and style. A natural language analogy is to listen to native speakers first to get used to the sound before learning individual words. Keep it fun and relevant!

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Part 2: Body.