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10 Tips on Sketchnoting

Day 1 of Sketchnote Challenge

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Day 1 of Sketchnote Challenge is all about getting the basics down.
The key building blocks of sketchnote are:
1. Structures/Frames
2. Bullets
3. Containers
4. Connectors
5. Shadows

6. Typography
7. Icons (Visual Metaphors, including people & objects)

While making the 10 tips, I got distracted and started to collect containers, connectors and icons. The results are shown below. I'll finish the tips tomorrow and show you the final result.
One challenge of sketchnoting is time, especially when you do it realtime. I won't get to practice that until later. First, get a feel of good sketchnoting, and build a visual library of things I like. Then mimic sketchnotes that I like, so I could develop my own style. Finally, practice speed.
My cartoon practice mainly contributes to people and some objects. Typography, depends on how fancy I want to eventually get. There are ways to make things fun without practicing calligraphy.
What did you learn today? Please share with the community in the facebook group!

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sketchnote containers
sketchnote connectors and icons
sketchnote connectors and icons